Let’s Get Bowling in the 2024 Olympics!



I haven’t posted in a while (well, years) but there is a movement that has been started to get bowling included in the 2024 Paris Olympics that I need you to be part of.  It’s called bowlingforgold.com and the premise is simple.  Go to the website and sign the petition, take the survey, and SHARE!  Our goal is 5 million signatures and surveys from around the world so that we can bolster World Bowling CEO Kevin Dornberger’s pitch to the IOC to have bowling included in the 2024 Paris France summer games.

We were very close for the 2020 games in Japan.  Kevin made a great presentation, had fantastic guest speakers such as Jason Belmonte, but the IOC still went with Rock Climbing, Inline Skating, and Surfing over bowling.  They were concerned that bowling had an older audience and that the sport didn’t require physical prowess.

This time around, our goal is to bolster Kevin’s argument with numbers.  Imagine 5 million signatures on a petition, and 5 million surveys showing bowling with a younger skew and that the younger audience wants to watch Olympic bowling.  They will take notice of this support!

bowlingforgold.com was founded by Christopher Viale of Cambridge Credit Counseling.  Chris asked me to help with the design and content for the site and it was great to be a part of it.  On the site is the petition, survey, links to links and some other detail on the effort.

You can also see a video and a podcast on the movement.

Again – it’s EASY to join us!  Go to www.bowlingforgold.com and sign the petition, take the survey, and SHARE the site!  That’s it!  5 minutes, tops.