RIP Tony Reyes

RIP Tony Reyes

Tony was killed in a car accident last night. Tragic, tragic. He was always glad to see you with a hearty, firm handshake.  A true ambassador of the sport.  All the stuff I throw now I owe to his advice and his expert drilling staff. My son gained tremendous knowledge and guidance from Tony. He leaves a beautiful new family. It’s hard to even type this.


5 thoughts on “RIP Tony Reyes

  1. Terrible news. Was a great guy who always had a smile for you and really cared. This is just terrible and he will be missed. 4th street just wont be the same.

  2. Why do all the good ones die young? Toy was a freind and mentor to me and SJSU. He has taught us so very well how to enjoy the sort of Bowling. Hope he is in a Better Place now but I don’t think so as he was in a great place here in the Bay Area. I will miss you Tony–Bye

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